Simply Be says ‘no’ to ‘New Year New You’

We’ve all been there. It’s early January. Payday is a looong old way away and everyone’s skint. The weather’s rubbish. All the Christmas decorations have come down leaving everywhere looking sad and bare. And not forgetting it’s back to work time too leaving Christmas and new year festivities a now distant memory. Boo.

So what happens next? An onslaught of emails, magazine articles, posters, websites screaming out ‘NEW YEAR NEW YOU!’

If we weren’t feeling sorry enough for ourselves already, we now get told that we are not good enough and need to start again.

Go running / go to the gym and eat more healthily (even though you’re broke, it’s freezing and your house is full of chocolate), get a new beauty regime, new hair and travel more (but start saving more money too), take on a new hobby, socialise more (but drink less alcohol), have a more active love life (but get more sleep), push to progress in that career – and don’t forget to reduce those stress levels!

It all starts to sound like Radiohead’s ‘Fitter, Happier’.

What’s worst is the wording. A new you. A whole brand new you, just chuck yourself in the bin and start all over again, because really, what’s worth keeping about the old you? Nothing at all!

Well you know what?

Simply Be says NO to ‘New Year New You’

new year's resolutions

Simply Be says: “out with the old and in with the new is for wardrobes not for women.”

You don’t need to become a whole different person because you’ve run out of pages on your 2014 calendar.

You are awesome as you are.

Just take a little minute to think about all the things you have done. YOU ROCK!

New year can be a great time to refocus on what you want to achieve for the year ahead. But also to look back on how far you’ve come. It’s great to have goals, whether it’s health, career, hobbies, whatever. But don’t be made to feel like you’re not good enough if you’re not doing it all.

You can’t do everything. You just can’t. There are only so many hours in the day, and so much energy you have to give. So don’t try to do what you can’t realistically maintain. And if you do try – please don’t beat yourself up if you can’t keep it going, it doesn’t make you a failure.  Nobody is perfect and not being perfect is just fine! It’s pressure we, as women, put on ourselves. So try being a friend to yourself instead of your own harshest slave driver.

If you want to make some resolutions this January, great! But focus on what will genuinely make your life better, rather than the need to try and conform to some ideal. If you want to make changes, think of them as another step in the awesome evolution of you; small changes on top of everything you have already achieved and become – not a whole new you.

Got good intentions but really can’t face it this January? Why take a month or two to just get used to being back at work etc and think about spring time to get started? January may be a new calendar year but it’s still fully fledged winter – while spring is a time for new growth and new beginnings.

Overwhelmingly for women ‘New Year, New You’ is about losing weight. If you want to go for it – go for it. But let’s remember:

1) You are still you whatever size you are. Losing weight does not make you a new person. Your size does not make you who you are.

2) If there are things in your life making you unhappy then they will still make you unhappy whatever your size.

So there you have it.

We’re not saying you shouldn’t set goals or get fitter this 2015.

We’re just saying - don’t let them make you feel you’re not good enough.

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Dr Seuss

Micro Trend: Culottes

There’s a culotte to look forward to this season as the wide leg, cropped trouser moves from niche trend to mainstream style. Traditionally cut wide and to just below the knee, culottes were a popular addition to recent catwalks, signalling a new silhouette for the move into autumn/winter.

Headlinephoto / Splash News

Headlinephoto / Splash News

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My #SimplyBeReal Moment: Bra Bloopers and Fits of Rage

By Naomi Griffiths

When it comes to putting women into categories regarding their body, I have a stern dislike of the term ‘real women.’ However, when it comes to the real, everyday women like you and me, we all have very real experiences and live very real lives. Tough moments, happy moments, sad moments, the high moments, the low moments and then there’s the funny moments. The moments when at the time you’re probably furious, but nevertheless end up laughing later, or the moments where you’ve laughed until you’ve cried mascara rivers of side-splitting hilarity down your face.  This is when I believe we are all ‘real women’ measured by moments not by our mass.

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Micro Trend: Metallics

What better way to brighten up these dull winter days than with a bold flash of mighty metallic? From shimmering separates to glitzy accessories, we’re going for gold (and silver!) to relish the embellished this season.

L to R: Ashish AW14, Isabel Marant AW14, Blumarine AW14, Isabel Marant AW14

L to R: Ashish AW14, Isabel Marant AW14, Blumarine AW14, Isabel Marant AW14

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10 of the Most Romantic Movie Quotes

Oh, we love a good romcom here at Simply Be HQ. Especially now that the nights are drawing in and there’s nothing better than cuddling up on the sofa with a good movie. As we prepare for a winter of snuggling in our PJs with good friends Ben & Jerry, we take a look at 10 of the best movie quotes to make us seriously swoon…

The Notebook (2004)

Noah: “If you’re a bird, I’m a bird.”

The Notebook





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Workin’ It: How to Take Trends to the Office

A new season, a whole new set of trends. And what a shame it would be to wear them just two days a week. Whether your office dress code is smart and sophisticated or creative and casual, adding a dose of style to 9-5 (without HR having a hissy fit) is easier than you think. We take a look at three of AW14’s top looks and how you can effortlessly transition them from weekend to workwear.

Winter pastels

Autumn calls for a more muted approach to pastels, making the move into the office a little easier. Shades have a decidedly more icy tone and work well paired with black pieces, such as dark tights or brogues. Stand out from the sea of earthy autumnal tones and wear your powder pinks and baby blues in the form of a chic A-line skirt, on-trend white shirt and pretty (but executive) pastel accessories.

Workwear: winter pastels

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When Good Jeans Go Glam

By Olivia Watkins

Want to dance the night away without fear of flashing your knickers? Are there times when a dress just doesn’t cut it? No fear – we have the solution. Keep those pins warm in your fave pair of trusty jeans. No longer should they be relegated to the back of your wardrobe come party time, these versatile babies are your new BFF. Create a killer party look with a jeans and top combo or simply take your outfit from day to night with a few accessories. Remember – it’s all in the details.

Whether you’re a flare wearer or rock a mean pair of skinnies, we’ve put together three gorgeous outfits for those glam nights out.

Full of flare

Channel 70’s style in this uber-cool flares and wedges double whammy, with touches of gold for added glamour. But don’t forget what decade it really is – wear the must-have item of the moment, the kimono, for on-trend styling. Kimono? More like kimoyes! (Sorry…)

Full Of Flare

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September Payday Wishlist

As the time comes to flip my calendar over to October, I have been busy dreaming up my wishlist of all things fashion and beauty, ready for payday.

September is my favourite month, not only because my birthday falls during the latter part but because of the fashion that hits the shelves. With autumn firmly underway, there are textured knits and knee high boots galore and I couldn’t be happier about that. For me, it is all about investing in key pieces that you can use time and time again.

September Payday Wishlist

With the weather being quite hit and miss in early autumn, layering is essential in order to avoid over heating or being caught out in the cold.  Layer light tops under chunky, textured knits in this seasons berry and olive tones for a fashion forward, weather conscious look.  The Angel Ribbons Lace Trim Jumper is at the top of my wishlist this season as I can imagine it looking so autumnal with berry lips.  Angel Ribbons jumpers are a wardrobe item you can pull out year after year; I have another from a couple of years ago and it still looks brand new.  That’s the great thing about excellent quality knitwear- they’re a seasonal piece that keeps on giving!  This Textured Knit Jumper would look equally as good worn over a pair of jeans. You’ll need it to keep you warm, especially if you’ll be taking little ones out trick or treating!

Having a coat on hand is one of the best fashion decisions you’ll make this autumn/ winter as the weather in the UK can be pretty unpredictable at the best of times.  September is the perfect time to make your choice so that you’re ready for when the chill begins to set in.  On my wishlist is this Duffle Coat.  Because of the combination of toggles, chunky buttons and a hood, it has that young yet classic style that I have loved for years.

Knee high boots are an autumn investment that you’ll be thanking yourself for right through to the spring.  Aside from keeping your feet dry in puddles, they’re a stylish wardrobe staple that you can dress up or down to suit any occasion.  These Legroom Quilted Hi Leg Boots are my favourites and a fraction of the price of some designer quilted boots I’ve seen.  They’re an excellent way to get a high end look for an affordable price. Plus, they would look just as great worn with skinny jeans and a dressy top for an evening meal out as they would dressed down for the day time.  My other top picks are the Legroom Chain Detail Boots and the Sole Diva Stretch High Leg Boots which give you plenty of room in the calf for comfort.

With the weather getting colder, September is the perfect month to update your skincare.  Focus on coveting a good quality moisturiser that is going to protect your skin from the elements and help it to stay hydrated.  The Rodial Bee Venom Moisturiser is perfect all year round because it contains Hyaluronic Acid that binds water to quench the skin with hydration.  This intense moisturiser will help to protect your skin when you’re going out into the cold and to calm it when it is weather beaten.  Start with good skincare and you’ll have a great base to apply this autumns rust, berry and olive toned make up looks.

On Plus North and the Ever-Impressing World of British Curve Fashion

By Marie Southard Ospina

There’s a lot to be said for fashion shows. The runway is an amazing place to catch new seasonal designs, to make a mental wish list of everything you will be purchasing or pining over in the months to come and to celebrate the self-expression that fashion allows for. Because, let’s face it, fashion is one of the most immediate, day-to-day mediums for showcasing your individuality.

The thing is, plus-size fashion events have all this. But they also have something else. They have this beautiful ability to make you feel less alone. I know it sounds cheesy, but think back to pre-2010 and earlier – when the runway was a place reserved exclusively for women size-8 or smaller. Anyone over that size didn’t really get their voice heard in the fashion industry – let alone their curvy bods shown off on a catwalk. It’s taken a long time, and there’s still a lot of work to be done when it comes to size equality in fashion, but plus-size fashion shows are a beautiful reminder of how things are changing. Not to mention moments like plus-size model Denise Bidot walking the runway of Chromat at New York Fashion Week this season.

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The 9 Stages of Dress Shopping

1. Desk-Based Research

Big day coming up. Better check the ol’ wardrobe for an acceptable dress. *Knows full well that lovely, worn-once, floral shift would suffice but convinces self that new dress absolutely needed.* Check online for latest trends. End up buying PU trousers, weekend bag and tennis racket. All essentials.

Lizzy Mcguire






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